Tips for End of Tenancy Cleaning for Estate Agents

What to Include in End of Tenancy cleaning quote?

If you are planning to offer End of Tenancy Cleaning services to Estate Agents and establish a good relationship with them to offer professional End of tenancy cleaning services to them, it will be handy to know how to put everything in writing.

Your End of Tenancy cleaning Quote should include details of the Cleaning that will be carried out so you can cover yourself if there are any cleaning issues that might arise.

End of Tenancy Cleaning for Estate Agents is a more thorough job as you are dealing with inventory clerk, new tenants and Landlord which brings the cleaning standard to a higher level.

It’s advisable to put everything in writing.

Have a contract with them and get an insurance before commencing. If you don’t know the rates and prices in the market, you can use end of tenancy cleaning cost calculator to help you with that.

The website above will be also very useful in preparing all your paperwork and documents.

What to Include in End of Tenancy cleaning quote?

  • How Big is the Property?
  • sq ft
  • How many rooms and bathrooms?
  • Schedule of clean including:
  • Skirting ‘s
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Walls
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Curtains

Items that will be laundered or dry cleaned and etc.

Write everything in details from windows to inside of drawers. You can add an approx. time or give a total for completing the End of tenancy cleaning. Include all the extras as Carpets cleaned, curtains, exterior cleaning.

Establishing a good business relation with an Estate Agent can bring a boost to your cash flow, increase the volume of work done and higher profit.

Their demand for a high-quality service end of tenancy cleaning London can bring you a step-up front if you establish yourself as a company that they can rely on.